Everything’s more difficult…

So it’s just been one of THOSE days.

I had to get my summer tires on (I know, horribly late in getting that done, but honestly…what HAS gone according to normal schedule this year?), so my car was in at the dealership today. Normally, I’d get a ride back home or back to the office and get some work done while my car was being serviced. But, of course, the shuttle isn’t offered right now. I sat outside and waited, for two hours. I wasn’t settled enough to write anything, so I spent the time reading and thinking. But I can’t say I accomplished anything quantifiable.

Once I got home (soooo hungry!), and had lunch, a couple of my friends helped me out by getting me a new air conditioner. I had to install it myself. Without going into too much detail – it didn’t go easily. I persevered, the unit is installed and I will be able to sleep in my own bed tonight (I’ve been sleeping in the guest room where there is a working a/c unit during the worst of the heat we’ve had this Spring).

And really, I’m grateful for both. It all worked out, in the end, but both these tasks took more of my time and a whole lot more of my energy than they normally would (plus, let’s talk about two failed attempts to have the a/c shipped to me, which ate up a number of weeks).

My Mom and I have said to each other over and over, since the quarantine began: nothing comes easy right now. Everything is different than it was. Everything feels slightly unnerving and uncomfortable. A lot of things take more time than they used to.

Most of our ‘trials’ are fairly trivial – trust me, I get that – but it makes the point that everything is just a bit more difficult than usual. And as such, even as we adapt and grow ‘used to’ a lot of measures, we are probably all feeling a little more stressed than usual.

So I just want to encourage you – to be kind to yourself and be kind to others. I know I’ve probably said that a lot since all this began, too. But I think we all need that reminder, especially as time goes on!

Until tomorrow, dear friends, be kind, love one another, and keep on following Jesus!

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