And a little child shall lead them…

I’ve always loved that phrase, it’s from Isaiah and imagines a day of absolute peace in which prey and predator will lie down together and be lead by a child.

It’s a vision of the future in which the very fabric of reality has changed, and those primal parts of us that cause the wolf to prey on the sheep, will no longer have sway.

But it always reminds me that sometimes we need a little child to lead us.

We need the lack of pretence that kids often display, the ability to love easily, the joy they find in the smallest things. So when I saw this on Facebook today, that’s exactly what it reminded me of:

It’s great advice. Especially in these days of uncertainty, and difficutly. So much of ‘regular life’ has been stripped away.

As I write this, I’m about to leave for Oshawa to bring a gift to my chosen-niece, who turns 9 years old today. In normal life we (her family, my family, friends) would all be gathering at her house, sharing food and cake, laughing and chatting, hugging and enjoying her reactions as she opened gifts.

Today, I will drive out, place her gift by the door and sit at least 2 metres apart from her, while she opens it. It would be easy to be sad, but this meme reminds me to find joy in the fact that I have gift to bring her and the ability to bring it to her in person.

The little things are still so very precious.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember to find joy in the little things, to leave the complaints to the side, and take life day by day!

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