And now, some wisdom from an elder…

So yesterday was all about learning from children. Today, I read this and learned from a more-advanced-in-years person:

I mean…doesn’t that just say it all? What is your headline today?

I think mine might be “Woman is encouraged by faith conversation with friend” or “Woman is grateful for virtual pilgrimage which encourages her to get her steps done” or “Woman is amazed at the things technology allows her to do.”

I know I mentioned it on Facebook, but for those of you who don’t have an account, I’m doing a virtual Camino de Santiago with a friend. We track our distances each day, and when we’ve made the distance – 480 mi!!! – we get a medal for our efforts. In the meantime, having this challenge before me means I’ve already been walking further and running more often than I was before signing up. Sometimes it’s the small things that help you get through some of the tough days. Here’s my view on the Camino today:

I hope your headline is something that helps you see the value to be found in the simple things. And the way that the news headlines don’t always convey the abundant life that Jesus intends for us to have.

Until tomorrow dear friends, remember that God writes the best headlines in our lives. Let’s turn to Him to know what really matters.

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