I love this…the idea of story is incredibly important to my theology. Sometimes we think of story as being untrue – but that’s not the case. We all have stories we tell: of the day a beloved member of our family was born (I don’t have kids of my own, but you better believe I tell the stories of when my chosen-nephews and chosen-niece were born); of the adventures we’ve had while traveling; of a wedding day or a significant anniversary; of just the funny, silly and sweet things we love to remember; of where we were when 9/11 happened.

In the future many of us will have stories to tell about what the COVID-19 pandemic was like.

Our stories help us understand who we are. And when they are seen through the lens of faith, our stories help us understand who God is, and what the church means to us.

Stories are desperately important in preaching. I can tell you some of the stories from my father’s sermons from decades ago. Sometimes, while listening to Dad preach, I would learn things about our family that I hadn’t known before.

Stories matter.

And it’s no surprise to me that so much of the Bible is narrative – is story. My favourite passages tend to be that way: the parable of the prodigal son, the birth narratives, the miracles.

In the musical, Hamilton, there’s a lyric that I love: “you have no control, who lives, who dies, who tells your story.” It’s a line that haunts me and that makes me grateful for the chances I get to tell my own story.

So I want to encourage you think about your own story. I especially want to encourage you to think about those moments when you can clearly see how God showed up in your story. Those moments when you just KNOW that God was at work.

THAT moment (or hopefully THOSE MOMENTS) is your testimony. The story of your faith. And it is powerful. Share it, you never know hoe God will use your story to impact another person’s life and faith.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that even now, God is writing your story. It is never too late for Him to begin a new and triumphant chapter. Partner with Him to make it a good one!

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