Meme Monday!

Good Monday to you! Of the many things that 2020 has messed with, Monday has become a day off (most of the time) for me (Friday was a day off before). It’s also the day that I share some memes on the blog. It’s one of the easiest days of the week for me. 2020 has ruined all my “I hate Monday,”
jokes. Just another weird thing about this year!


This is pretty much my motto, goodness I love summer:

In case any of the younger folk are wondering what being an adult is like…(remember when you were in your teens and you couldn’t wait to be out on your own, in your own apartment with a real job? Ha. Ha. Ha.):

For those of us who are visual learners, I loved this simple and effective chart that makes the point about why the health measures are important (and why layering them up – staying home as much as possible, wearing a mask, keeping your physical difference – is the best course of action!).

I love my Mommy. She’s been building my character for years! (She knows I think she’s weird, we laugh about it ALL THE TIME – she once bought me a book entitled “My Mother is Weird” as a stocking stuffer!)

This reminder about how important it is to witness with the way you live:

It’s almost Canada Day, and this just felt like a NECESSARY meme this week:

A couple faith reminders…these could probably blog entries on their own, but I’ve been holding on to them for a while, and it felt like time to post them:

This reminder that our differences can be a blessing, if we allow them to be:

And finally, a blessing for your day:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep trusting in the LORD and find your happiness there!

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