The ongoing discussions around racism south of the border, and in our own country, have me thinking. These two videos are songs in response to all that is happening. They are posted by Americans, so speak specifically to the situation in the States. But I think there’s a lot of beauty and truth here, for people in all parts of this world.

First, Julian King, singing “I’m no longer a slave” (I hope this works for those of you who are not on facebook…please let me know if you weren’t able to view the video, and if possible, I will email it to you personally):

You can subscribe to Julian King’s YouTube here, and follow him on Instagram here, and on facebook here.

And second is Andrew Peterson’s new song, ‘A White Man’s Lament for the Death of God’s Beloved.” Andrew’s lyrics are always packed tight with Biblical imagery and deep theology. So I want to share those as well. It’s a long song, as Andrew has much to say on the subject. But worth more than one listen, for certain.

You can follow Andrew Peterson’s YouTube channel here.

Click on the images, to enlarge the lyrics:

I think there is a freedom to be found when we recognize that we ourselves are children of God, and that SO IS EVERYONE ELSE. (I yelled that last part for the people in the back who might not have heard it. 😉 )

Dear friends, until tomorrow – remember the One whose child you are, remember that everyone else is His child as well, remember that He is the One who sets us free!

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