Worship Resources…

Welcome to Saturday on the blog! It’s time for some resources to prepare your hearts for tomorrow’s worship:

This super fun take on #398 in the Presbyterian hymn book, “When the Spirit of the Lord moves in my soul,” from my friends at St. Andrew’s, Brampton ( watch for the Cdn flag – that totally cracked me up!):

This version of The Blessing, done by Torontonian worship leaders (warning: UGLY CRY MOMENT!). Also, I know some of these worship leaders – fun to see some familiar faces! There is also some ridiculously beautiful footage of our city. It’s about 10min, but worth every second:

And these quotes from a couple of well-loved church leaders:

A call to worship to bless you gather (while scattered) to worship tomorrow:

~ from I Am Making All Things New, written by  Rosie Venner.  Posted on the WSCF Europe website. http://wscf-europe.org/mozaik-issues/mozaik-25-the-powers-that-be/worship-i-am-making-all-things-new/ found on the re:Worship blog

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may your hearts be ready to worship God!

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