REST for these hard times…

One of the things I’ve heard over and over throughout the pandemic is that people are struggling to find rest. Whether it’s parents having to juggle childcare, online schooling and work-from-home life, or students struggling to find some semblance of reassurance about their current and future studies, or elderly people afraid that one misstep could mean they contract the virus that is deadly to so many in their age group. Or just the average person tired of having to rethink so many aspects of life, having to redefine so many activities.

Rest is hard to find right now. And yet it is one of the things that Jesus promises us. So together, let’s try to find some rest today as we turn our eyes to Jesus for Sunday worship.

Let’s begin with Eric’s prelude, “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” arranged by John Carter:

Our opening prayer:

~ written by John Birch, and posted on Faith and Worship., found on the re:Worship blog and slightly adapted by me.

And our first hymn this morning is #328, This is my Father’s World:

Forgive me, but in the rush of trying to get everything ready for when I go away next week, I didn’t have time to secure a Scripture reader, so I will just post the reading for you:

The sermon for this week:

And our final hymn is #746 What a friend we have in Jesus:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, hitch yourselves to Jesus, and find rest for your souls!

2 thoughts on “REST for these hard times…

  1. Thank you, Rebecca. Your words could not have been more timely for me today. I am struggling with exactly the issues you adressed. God bless you.
    I haven’t wanted to bother your dad by asking for pastoral care right now. It would be easy to overwhelm him with all of our needs during this time. Your blog is a blessing.

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