Meme Monday!

Good Monday to you! Let’s see what fun things I managed to find through social media this week:

2020 jokes are the new “I hate Mondays!” (And seriously, this is too perfect!):

And since 2020 appears to be the year of work-from-home/school-from-home, let’s just admit that this is all too real:

I love this reminder – emotions are always allowed…but figuring out what to do with difficult emotions is SO important. You can be angry, but let your anger drive you to loving action, being a strong voice, binding up the wounds in the world around us. Do NOT allow it to make you bitter or cruel:

I’m so grateful to the weirdos who are my tribe!:

This simple, and beautiful, instruction on how to live well:

This encouragement for your inner-super-hero:

The warm weather is hear, which means bbq season! This tickled my funny bone:

Dallas Willard was a theologian with a number of published books. He was also a mentor and friend to John Ortberg, one of my favourite Christian thinkers. Here’s just a little glimpse into his brilliance:

This is a great, and poetic way of explaining why we need to be about “we” rather than “me,”:

I think Jesus had some things to say about planted seeds, no? Love this:

And finally, a blessing for your day:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, lean up on the One who is your rock and salvation.

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