Farmhouse Friday #1

During my time away this summer, I’ll be bringing you some moments from the farmhouse.

This week, it’s all about Crowe River – which is a local river with shelves of limestone and short waterfalls. It’s HOT in southern Ontario right now – we’ve been under heat advisories for days. So spending time in water is a perfect way to enjoy the weather, while keeping cool.

So, off your viewing pleasure, here is some of the natural beauty Mom and I have been enjoying while going for a swim (or in my case, a wade! 🙂 ):

A few panos:

And some regular pictures:

There’s nothing, in my opinion, like appreciating the beauty of nature to draw one close to God.

Until tomorrow, dear friends: stay safe, stay cool, draw close to the Creator who loves you dearly!

One thought on “Farmhouse Friday #1

  1. Being drawn closer even cools one in this terrible heat wave as we listen to the music of His water falls. Blessings

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