Singin’ Saturday #1

One of the things my Dad and I love to do in the summer is sing together. Often we do that on Sunday mornings at St. Andrew’s, Stirling where Dad serves as minister.

Of course, this is 2020, and nothing is what it once was. So we thought we’d sing together anyway and – as so much of our ministry and worship has been done this year – share it through the wonder of technology.

Welcome to our first “Singin’ Saturday,” here on the blog. Today we share with you, “Holy, Holy” out of the Amberlea Chorus Book. (Apologies in advance for a bad note or two (or four, or eight!!!) on my part!)

Until tomorrow, dear friends, praise the Lord and prepare your hearts for worship! (It will be posted by 9am-ish tomorrow morning!)

2 thoughts on “Singin’ Saturday #1

  1. Read and listened to the Blessed music here in Ottawa just before retiring. Blessings to both you wonderful Pastors . You are His servants to so many

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