Thoughtful Thursday #3

Time, once again, to think about what it means to follow Jesus!

Bruxy Cavey is a preacher and pastor at The Meeting House, a multi-campus church in the Brethren in Christ denomination. I read his book, The end of Religion, early in my life in full-time ministry, and I was absolutely enamoured of it. It shifted my paradigm as a follower of Jesus. He explains beautifully how religion was allied with law and keeping the rules, and Jesus was allied with love (and sometimes love means breaking the rules – see Jesus healing on the Sabbath because the loving act of restoring a person’s health was more important than the rule to do no work on the Sabbath).

Bruxy writes:

You can order a copy of The end of Religion here.

Some questions for thoughtful consideration:

  1. Why is it important that we go beyond the ‘morality of a stone,’ as Bruxy puts it?
  2. Can you identify practical ways that you are able to “Rock On,” in your daily life?
  3. In what ways has the pandemic made it harder to “Rock On?” Are there ways that the pandemic has made it more important to find ways to “Rock On?”

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep on thinking it through! This, too, is part of worship.

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