Farmhouse Friday #3

Another of the things we love about the farmhouse is what we call “wildlife moments.” Those moments when all of a sudden we come face to face with wildlife we don’t often get to see.

So far this year, we’ve spotted deer three times, seen a hawk having his breakfast at the side of the road and spent a quiet morning at Crowe River with a Great Grey Heron flitting up and down the river bed.

The problem is that often these moments happen so quickly, that it’s impossible to get photos. I managed one or two of the Heron, but my phone camera isn’t strong enough for those photos to be great. Here they are anyway:

You’ll just have to believe me about the hawk and the deer (one of the deer sightings was on a morning walk, Koski’s ears perked up, and thence fawn and it’s mama came out of the bush, took two leaps along the road and disappeared into the bush on the other side. I actually raised my phone up, but they were gone before I could swipe to camera!).

The other wildlife we love, of course, is our dogs. Who bark at random things, chase chipmunks, get the zoomies, give lots of cuddles and make us laugh (when they aren’t driving us crazy!). So for good measure, here they are enjoying themselves in this unique summer:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, know that God’s fingerprints are to be found all round us. God cares for both people and animals.

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