I shall not want…

Sometimes, in the course of a normal day or week or whatever, I’ll hear a repeated message from God. Maybe it’s through the words of friends, or a scripture passage that comes across my path repeatedly, or through the words of a song that reference a theological idea that won’t leave me be.

Today’s been one of those days. And the theological thought/scripture/message from God has to do with that most famous of Psalms, Psalm 23.

And really, it’s been the “I shall not want” phrase that has been coming at me today. In conversations with friends, I recognized (again!) how fortunate I am. I want for only the things that are luxuries – travel (I mean, beyond the destinations to which I can easily walk or drive), easy hugs with a wide assortment of friends (instead of just the handful in my bubble), evenings spent in a favourite restaurant, classes at my gym. These are all things I miss, but they are not things I NEED.

I can travel – not to the other side of the world, but to the other side of my city, to the outdoor spaces at my friends homes, to the parks that exist in my part of the city. I can hug – only a few people, only the same people, but still…it’s a lot more than I had a few months ago (and I still get to hug my dog, Koski every day, and that’s a gift, too). I can, technically, go to a restaurant, though I choose not to. I can workout in my own living room, and run for exercise in my neighbourhood.

So really, I don’t want for much. I don’t want for clean water, food, safety, shelter, love, hope, joy, faith.

One of the ways that this message came to me today, was through the ethereal and beautiful voice of Audrey Assad, so I want to share with you her song, “I shall not want,”:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you know the blessing of ordinary things, may you recognize that there is much you do not want for, and may you pray with me for those who find themselves wanting for the basics.

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