Worship Resources

It’s Saturday, and it’s time to return to providing you with some extra resources for worship. I loved “Singin’ Saturdays” with my Dad while I was away, and I hope that was a blessing to you. I hope that these offerings will bless you, too!

Here is my friend Shelagh singing the peppy, fun, confessional song, “I have decided to follow Jesus.” I remember this being used in a VBS I lead a few years ago, and it always makes me smile.

We can’t sing together in person, but we can sing along in our own homes, so here is a more contemporary hymn that we love at Graceview (along with the words on the screen, so you can sing along, too):

Here is a simple and beautiful prayer based on the Psalms and found here on the re:worship blog. You can simply read it prayerfully, or if you have others in your household, you could take turns praying it outloud:

A couple of thoughts on the intertwined relationship of work/creating and worship in the Christian life:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, let’s continue to worship not just with word and song, but with our hearts and our hands and every moment of our lives.

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