And now for something different….

I want to start today by saying how deeply thankful I am for the ministers in the Central Etobicoke Ministerial. Throughout the Pandemic, this group has been a gift and a support. We meet regularly on Zoom, we share our ideas and our burdens, we encourage each other, we pray for each other. And it is all a huge blessing.

So when the idea came up to do an Ecumenical Pre-Recorded service, I definitely wanted to be a part of it. The only trick was, it was being put together while I was out of town on vacation.

Not shockingly, this was a weird summer, and my parents and I spent our time bouncing back and forth between the farmhouse (read: country summer place, no wifi) and their house in Belleville (read: city setting, with wifi). The fact that the ministers in this group made it possible for me to participate by pre-recording my parts of the service while I was in the city, and still mentioned me when they were recording the Zoom ‘passing of the peace,’ (by then I was back out in the country) just shows what good and excellent folks they are.

I also want to say a big thanks to Susan Chopp and Kathy Twynam for taking the time to learn a new-to-us hymn and submitting their videos for participation in the joint-choir number. Much appreciated, ladies!

Please worship with us across Ecumenical lines this morning, and be blessed!

Until tomorrow, dear friends, give thanks for all that God is doing in your life and in the lives of our churches – even in this strange and difficult time!

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