Meme Monday!

Hello dear friends! It is time for some meme-y-ness! Some of these are a little dark, and I’m not sure what it says about me that I found them so funny. Just thought I’d admit that.

Like this one:

(But seriously – don’t throw anyone out a window, please!)

I felt this one in my soul:

I hate horror movies. I really do. But this cracked me up:

The cat just KNOWS:

For anyone who has every rage-screamed at their phone while in a text conversation with their “b” friend (I think I just admitted that I’m totally “a” and “b” makes me a little crazy!):

I mean, this is how math problems pretty much always sound to me. But I’m down with any 2020 joke you want to make:

I’m pretty sure this is accurate:

And finally, a blessing for your day. I need to be reminded of this regularly, and when I am, I always feel better:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, remember that you are deeply loved by the One who is in control!

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