Worship Resources!

Welcome to Saturday on the blog, and another round of worship resources to prepare you for tomorrow’s online service.

Let’s begin with with this centering prayer from the re:worship blog:

I know country music isn’t everyone’s jam, but I thought this song was both fun and meaningful when it popped up on my YouTube feed. And since yesterday’s post was about gratitudes, it seemed quite apropos to share it today:

Another piece of music from one of my favourites. I’ve written about Andrew Peterson and used some of his music as jumping-off points throughout the pandemic. This little piece entitled, “Romans 11 (Doxology)” takes a portion of the 11th chapter of Paul’s letter to the church in Rome and sets it to music. I hope this is a blessing to you:

And a couple of thoughts to guide your heart as we prepare for worship. I love this acronym for Worship:

And this encouragement to practice the presence of God, rather that just the knowledge of God:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, let’s continue to live every moment as an act of worship!

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