In the Wilderness…

Welcome to Sunday worship! We are beginning a new series today. This comes out of a conversation I had with a congregant I had recently, in which we were talking about the weirdness of these days. We were recognizing that in Canada, the worst (at least, of the first wave) is over, but we don’t know what’s coming, and we are stuck in this strange “in between” moment.

We’ve seen what can happen, but we don’t know what’s to come.

And it reminded me of the experience of the Hebrew people after they had escaped Egypt, but before they’d made it to the Promised Land. Theologians call this time the “wandering in the wilderness.” Because that’s exactly what the people were doing. And if it feels that way to you right now, you’re not alone. So for the next while, we will be looking at what God has to say to us in this ‘in between’ time.

Let’s begin this morning with Eric’s prelude, “On Eagles Wings,” by Michael Joncas, and arranged by Douglas A. Wagner:

A prayer of invocation to share with those you are with, or simply to read on your own:

Our first hymn is #500, Open My Eyes that I may see:

Our Scripture this morning is Exodus 16:1-12, commonly known as the “manna and quail” passage:

Our final hymn is #650 He leadeth me:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, trust that God doesn’t waste anything, and God always provides!

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