Lying to you…

These are anxious days. Our COVID-19 case numbers are climbing in Ontario. Many of us are worried about second wave and/or a second shutdown. Most of us have no idea how the ‘normal’ things are going to roll out in the coming months: What will Christmas look like? When will we be able to travel again? What is going to happen to our economy?

It’s easy to worry about all the “what ifs” that surround us right now. It’s easy to fall into an anxiety loop – feeling anxious about what will happen, and that being reinforced by climbing cases and news stories about what is actually happening right now.

So I say this to you (and to me!):

I admit to you that even in reading this, a part of me (that anxious part of me) wants to reject it. My brain goes “but what if, but what if, but what if…” and my heart rate begins to climb and my hands begin to shake. And left to my own devices, I’m kind of a mess.

So I’m deeply grateful that God doesn’t just leave me to my own devices. I’m thankful for the faithful words of Scripture. I’m grateful for prayerful friends. I’m grateful for the late September warmth that has bloomed in the last day or two, allowing for more time outdoors than in previous days.

And you see, just like that, by focusing on the gifts that God gives, my heart rate has slowed back down, my hands are not shaking any more, and I know that one way or another, we will continue to make it through these challenging days.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, please remember that your anxiety is lying to you, that God’s promises are true, that focussing on the gifts he gives – more than we could ask or imagine – is a great way to find peace despite the anxiety of these days.

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