Back in March and April, we were all marveling at how quiet the world had become. Empty streets, no rush hour, fewer flights, people staying home as much as possible – it all contributed to a sometimes eerie sense of quiet. Certainly an unusual quiet in a city like Toronto, where even the “down times” of any given day or week, still see a fair amount of activity.

But these days we seem to be back to a noisy way of life. I’ve certainly noticed increases of traffic, gun violence, political posturing and general activity in the world outside my door. And as the world begins to grow noisier, it’s really easy for all that noise and all that activity to drown out some important things.

I was pleased to see this posted on Facebook by a colleague of mine:

So what does God have to say about you?

God says you are loved. God says you are alive. God says you are a recipient of His grace. God says you are saved.

So until tomorrow, dear friends, find a quiet place to meditate on these things. Shut out the noise of the world around you and trust i the good word God says about you.

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