In need of comfort…

When the days feel scary – and let’s admit that they feel scary on a week when my city has set case number records more than once, and new health measures have been announced – I seek comfort.

The two things that I find very comforting are:

  1. Having friends pray for me. Just knowing that others are lifting me up in prayer is huge. So would partner with me on something? If you hit like on this blog post or leave a comment, I will know you are praying for me and I will be saying a prayer specifically for you, too.
  2. Music. Especially music that speaks of God’s promises, reminds me that He is with me, or touches upon moments in my walk of faith where God’s presence was especially powerful. So I want to share one of those with you, now.

This is “Street Called Mercy” from the Hillsong UNITED album, “Of Dirt and Grace – Live from the Land.” The album is full of songs recorded live at significant places in the life of Jesus in Israel.

Just seeing the steps and stones of the Via Dolorosa, and the shores of the Dead Sea brings me comfort. It reminds me that once, the living God of the Universe took on flesh and blood, and walked in this world. And I’ve been blessed to go walk in some of the same places He did, with brothers and sisters in Christ. (It also makes me smile that the song begins with the words “Tired of endless walking, not knowing which way to go, I collapsed on a street called mercy, I was found in You.” Anyone who has done that walk knows how endless it feels, how easy it is to get lost, and how exhausting an undertaking it is. There’s a metaphor there for us as we continue to weather this pandemic.)

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may God’s comfort surround you, uphold you and give you strength.

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