Worship Resources!

It’s a Thanksgiving more challenging than any I’ve ever experienced in my life, this year. With the recent restrictions in Toronto, I won’t be able to join my family in Belleville to celebrate. And I admit I’m sad about that. It makes this Thanksgiving feel odd and uncomfortable. However I am grateful for technology that will allow me to be there virtually. I am grateful for good, nourishing food. I’m grateful for the presence of my dog, who has just been incredibly cuddly lately. I am grateful for a community of faith who joins me in worship (in-person or online) and in prayer. You see, even in tough times, there is much for which to be thankful. So despite the complicated emotions of this Thanksgiving celebration, here are some resources to help you give thanks with a grateful heart.

Let’s start with my friend Shelagh, singing #803 in the Book of Praise, Come ye thankful people, come:

A Thanksgiving prayer for you:

— from Bread for the World’s Banquet of Praise. 

This fun mash-up of Praise to the Lord/Joyful Joyful by Shane and Shane:

A few thoughts on gratitude as part of the life of faith:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep giving thanks to God for his good gifts!

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