Clamouring voices…

This is your reminder to listen to One voice. The Voice of creation and redemption and salvation. There are a lot of other noisy voices clamouring for your attention right now. Some of them may be important to hear, but others are just noise. Noise that can, if you let it, drown out the voice you most need to hear.

Because sometimes God’s voice comes in a surprisingly quiet whisper. And our minds (our hearts, our spirits, too) need to be trained to hear that whisper when it comes.

How do we do that? There are lots of ways! For some, it is a walk they take outdoors, intentionally walking in prayer. For some, it is a quiet time of prayer and study. For some, it may be listening to spiritual music in their car. For some, it may be conversation with a trusted and faithful friend.

Find your way, and stick to it. I trust that training to hear God’s voice will bring you joy and strength in the midst of this difficult year.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep listening for that still small voice!

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