One of the questions we asked in Zoom Bible Study recently, was “how is your faith doing?” My colleague, The Janet, and I wanted to get people thinking about how all of the complicated realities of 2020 have affected our faith.

“Pandemic Fatigue” has become a popular phrase. We know what it is to be tired of physical distancing, mask-wearing, tracking the ever-evolving science or the case counts and other metrics that help us understand our current situation.

But what about our faith? Do we have faith fatigue? Is it possible that in the midst of all this heightened uncertainty, our faith may be on shaky ground?

Maybe. I know I’m weary in my soul in a way that I’ve never experienced before. And many of my colleagues often share the same feelings of exhaustion.

The thing is:

It takes faith. And our faith needs to be robust. But how do you have robust faith when the world seems to be such a mess?

I would encourage you that this is why we need the community of faith – in our church, in our friends, in our acquaintances, in those mentors-from-afar who speak into our lives through words written, or preached, or sung.

So today I challenge you with this question: How might you encourage the faith of another?

Until tomorrow, dear friends, build others up in the Lord – you might just find that your faith is strengthened, as well!

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