A different sort of Sunday…

At Graceview this morning, the congregation is leading the service. It is a service focussed on Remembrance Day and God’s call to us to be a people of peace. And I am being given a Sunday off. This is a gift, in the midst of this difficult and exhausting year. I continue to give thanks for Session and the Music and Worship Cte who have stepped up to give me this gift of rest.

So on the blog today, I am sharing some of the video hymns that Graceview will be using in worship, and the sermon my Dad has recorded for the people of St. Andrew’s Stirling who are not able to attend worship in person. You will note he also greets Graceview at the beginning of his sermon. May you be blessed as you worship today.

We begin with the hymn, Song for the Nations:

A prayer to settle us for worship:

The passage that Dad is preaching on Ezekiel 11:16-25:

Here is Dad’s sermon, “New Beginnings, Part 8”:

And the hymn, “I vow to Thee my country,” from Westminster Abbey during the RAF Centenary service:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, trust that God is giving you an undivided heart!

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