Meme Monday!

Ok, anyone who has ever had a dog, knows that this is absolutely what a dog would say in the confessional:

You too?:

Just in case you weren’t clear on the love languages (coffee clarifies EVERYTHING!):

This simple reminder on the secrets of life:

So, when I’m listening to tunes in my car, it’s usually just a shuffle of all the songs on my phone. I never know what’s coming up next, and I will fully admit to you that this week I stopped forwarding past the Christmas songs when they come up:

This bizarre and fun hilarity:

This made me laugh, but I was also thinking its just SO TRUE:

For my fellow Star Wars fans:

This lovely reminder:

I’m glad most people are on the mask bandwagon, but I do feel a little this way when interacting with other masked people:

And finally, a blessing for your day:

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