Lest We Forget…

These words call us to remember the sacrifice made by our ancestors who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today. Canada is a wonderful country. We enjoy kindness and humility, breathtaking landscapes, regional diversity, and general prosperity. We are not perfect. We have work to do. But I believe that we continue to work towards better tomorrows every day. And we are able to do that, because of the sacrifices made by previous generations.

Today we honour those who fell in the great wars, those who struggled the rest of their lives with psychological, emotional or physical damage from the wars, those who lost loved ones. We also recognize and remember those who continue to serve in the military this day. In a year when the military was called in to serve in floundering Long Term Care homes in Ontario, I am grateful for all the ways these brave men and women serve our country.

So today, I wanted to share a few Remembrance Day resources for you.

Let’s begin with this prayer for peace:

This video from Terry Kelly that reminds us why we take time in silence this day:

This vintage video from Bryan Adams, “Remembrance Day.”:

And for those of you who prefer more traditional fare, here is “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace,” sung by BBC’s young choristers of the year for 2016:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you remember and may you seek the ways of Peace.

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