Most of us know what it is to admire the faith of another. To bump up against someone on our walk of faith who just seems to run deeper than we do, and to react to them in a way that doesn’t cause us jealousy or anxiety, but simple and sincere admiration.

I could make a list of people who I feel that way about – some of them you would never have heard of before. Others would be people like CS Lewis, whose life and works have always been held in high regard in my family.

I love the quote from him, above. It doesn’t describe me. I wish it did. I wish I was that good at prayer. That consistent about it. But I know I’m not.

Still, admiration is powerful. In admiring this quote and the man it comes from, I find myself wanting to be better at prayer. To be so close to God that it just flows out of me all the time, not just in those movements when I’m “expected” to pray. And that desire has the power to change my behavior.

The walk of faith throughout life is a walk – accomplished one step at a time. Sometimes those steps are baby steps. Sometimes they are leaps and bounds. Sometimes they are sprints. Sometimes they are a faltering, fumbling crawl. But every inch forward counts.

So think on those that you admire – what is it about them? What steps could you take in that direction? How would this change your walk of faith?

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep drawing closer to God, keep on walking that walk of faith.

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