One day…

As our neighbours to the south celebrate Thanksgiving today, this meme came across my feed, and it just did my heart good.

In this year of mostly staying separate, I long for those noisy, chaotic dinners that mark most of our celebrations. I know in the past, there have been some of them that I took for granted. Or during which I was tired or cranky or otherwise disengaged. And now I would give just about anything to go back to one of those crowded, food-laden tables for just 5 minutes with a bunch of people that I love.

In the meantime, I will hold to hope. The hope of a time when those celebratory meals can resume. And the hope of the Heavenly Feast that is prepared for those who love and trust Jesus.

One day, there will be a table with space for absolutely everyone. One day, there will be a table laden with food where we will all gather. One day, everything will be whole and healed and redeemed. One day.

Until then, dear friends, keep holding to hope.

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