Even you…

A couple of my colleagues have been posting things about mental health this week. There’s been discussion about whether we (as individuals) are surviving, struggling or in crisis. This has been a week when I’ve been in crisis too much.

A lot of that has had to do with the move to a new condo – which I trust will be worth it in the long run, but has been a mountain of stress in the short run.

So I admit to you that I’m feeling a little broken. And I hope when you’re feeling that way, you will remember this little bit of kindness that a friend shared on Facebook this week:

You can be broken, and still be beautiful. You can be broken, and still worth the sacrifice Jesus made for you, still loved by God who adores you. Yes, even you. (Even me!)

So until tomorrow, dear friends, please remember that though you may feel broken, you are still beautiful and dearly loved.

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