Let’s Talk…

So you may have seen the hashtag #BellLetsTalk and heard discussions about the significance of today. This is the 11th year that Bell has been running their Let’s Talk campaign for mental health. And while significant money has been raised for support of mental health programs, I’d argue that the bigger deal is the normalization of talking about mental health.

(You can argue with me about how much more a corporation like Bell COULD be doing, if you want, but that’s not what this post is about.)

I’ve been struggling with clinical anxiety during the last several months. I have good days and bad days. I have a prescription that helps me manage it and an online counselling program that I continue to work through. I’ve had to figure out what I am capable of and what I am not, basically on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I feel like I don’t recognize myself. And yet, after months of support from my doctor and my counselling coach, I can tell you I’m doing better than I was. It’s a bit of a dance – two steps forward and one step backwards – but I am doing better than I was.

I was able to ask for help because of a dear friend who has often shared with me about her battle with anxiety. I thought, ‘if she struggles with this and was able to reach out and ask for help, I can too.’

That’s what this post is about.

If you need help, ask for it. If you want help getting help, if you want to discuss what options you might have, feel free to talk to me about my experience. If not me, then please reach out to someone you feel safe discussing this with.

There is help to be found, but no one knows what is going on inside you, unless you talk about it.

We are all tired. We are all carrying heavy burdens. But none of us are alone.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, keep the conversation going.

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