I was recently discussing the idea of freedom in the Bible with my friend The Janet. We were agreeing that being free in Jesus doesn’t just mean you get to do anything you want. Instead, it means that you are no longer under the heavy weight of sin.

I was delighted when I found this:

Jesus dropped the charges, y’all! That’s what freedom means. The charges have been dropped. We are forgiven.

In the song, “Child Again,” one of my favourite bands, NEEDTOBREATHE sings these words:

Let my past mean nothin’

Make it powerless

I am free like a river

I am free like a river

You’re my hope unbroken

You’re my innocence

I am free like a river

I’m a child again


Its one of my favourite songs on one of my favourite albums of theirs (Out of Body, is the name of the album – go get it, you won’t be disappointed!). And every time I hear them sing those words, I can feel the weight come off of me. I sing along, directing my words to Jesus, who is my hope unbroken, my innocence because he chose to go to the cross for me (and for you).

And I feel free.

Because Jesus dropped the charges.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you know the freedom of being forgiven.

(and just because I cannot pass up the chance, here’s the song for your enjoyment)

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