Worship Resources

We all know I think Andrew Peterson is one of the finest lyricists out there. Tomorrow during the sermon, I’ll quote some lyrics from his song, “In the Night,” so I had to share that song as part of this week’s worship resources:

This prayer of comittment with artwork by Chagall of Jacob wrestling with God:

This lovely version of “Just as I am,” by the Mullet Family (listen to that bridge! Gorgeous!):

This very simple prayer, that touched to my heart:

And this lovely reminder:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, let us hope in all that God has planned for each of us!

One thought on “Worship Resources

  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful Blog . The words, the thoughts that you send us lift us in these lock-down days. Just as I am was a gorgeous version. Blessings and may His love and strength carry you through these difficult time.

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