A different kind of love…

As we head into the weekend and the celebration of Valentine’s Day, I am reminded that if I had to whittle Christianity down to one word (which would cause me actual, PHYSICAL pain), it would be: love.

But not the love that is all hearts and flowers and dreamy looks. Those are great things, and I hope everyone gets to experience a true romantic love, at least once in their lives.

But the kind of love I’m talking about is the kind that Jesus modelled – love that would take on suffering itself to alleviate someone else’s pain; love that sits with the outcast; love that heals; love that is put into action for the betterment of others.

I think this sweet cartoon puts it perfectly:

I know we can’t safely hug right now (at least not with those outside our own households) but that doesn’t mean we can’t love. We can – by sending a text or making a phone call; by smiling at others, even from behind our masks; by opening the door and letting another go first; by doing simple actions, every day, that bless others.

So, I encourage you to do as Mother Theresa said:

And because I always think in song lyrics, I leave you with this song from Michael W. Smith that includes the lyrics, “love isn’t love until you give it away”:

A Happy Valentine’s Day, in advance, dear friends. May you spread love wherever you go!

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