Worship Resources…

Happy Saturday, everyone! As we do every Saturday, we are gathering resources on the blog today, to help you prepare for worship. We are wrapping up our series entitled “The Struggle is Real” this week – in which we’ve been searching the scriptures for cues on how to experience better health – physical, spiritual, and mental – during a time of struggle. So let’s begin with a couple of quotes about mental health:

(and I’d add the phrase “Or my brain is broken” to the end of that quote!

This lovely setting of a new-to-me Fanny Crosby Hymn, “Redeemed,” by the youth of Fountainview Academy – a Christian High School in southern BC. I defy you to not be uplifted by this sprightly hymn:

This lovely call to worship that reminds us that we are called to be in this together, to be united in Christ:

The song, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” was mentioned at our Coffee Fellowship Zoom a few weeks back, and this popped up on my YouTube suggested items. While this song is by Hammerstien, featured in the musical “Carousel,” it’s quite easy to hear it as a promise of God – that we never walk alone in this life, because God goes with us, every step of the way. This is a wonderful virtual choir of that song by the Alumni men of BYU Men’s chorus:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may God be a healing force for your body, soul and mind.

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