You’re not imagining it…

This has been making the rounds on Social Media in recent days:

And – you guessed it – I felt that in my SOUL. I’ve noticed it too. The Zoom hang outs in which there is less to say. The repeated conversations with my Mother each night, in which we have little to discuss. The trouble I’m having staying on top of emails.

I think we thought we knew what exhaustion was. I think we are just beginning to learn what it is.

So I just want to send you a kind word today. If you’re struggling – it’s ok, you’re not the only one. If you’re lonely – you are in my prayers even if I haven’t reached out to you personally. If you find comfort in something (binging Netflix or rewatching old favourites, going for a walk, taking a long hot shower, having a glass of wine, indulging in some extra deserts, whatever) – go for it. No judgement here. You are brave to keep going. You are brave to find comfort. You are brave for just getting through these extraordinary days.

And always, as much as you possibly can, remember the words of Jesus:

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you know the peace that He alone can give.

4 thoughts on “You’re not imagining it…

  1. I haven’t yet seen this come across my social media, but, my gosh, it’s so true. Thanks for posting this. It explains very much how both Mike and I feel.

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