Lent 101…

I’ve written before about the fact that I didn’t grow up with much of a practice of Lent. It was a different time – there was a fear in mainline churches of being perceived to be ‘too Catholic.’ I’m so glad that much of that has mellowed out and my colleagues and congregants both seem quite willing to observe traditions like Ash Wednesday.

But it may be that we don’t really know an awful lot about what Lent means. So I was glad to come across this:

In recent years there has been a movement not to give something up for Lent, but to DO something for Lent. To practice a kindness each day, to give to charity, or to volunteer in some way you don’t normally. I like that idea as well.

Either way, this is a season in which we are meant to reflect on our deep need for a saviour. The ways in which we do that are less important, in my opinion, than the fact that we do it. Some people will give things up, some will take on a study, some will attend extra church events. In the end, we’re all trying to get to the same thing – a deeper understanding of the gift of salvation that Jesus gives.

Until tomorrow, dear friends, may you continue to journey through this season and draw closer to Christ.

4 thoughts on “Lent 101…

  1. I used to follow Lent more closely. One of the things I never liked was if I forgot and at meat on a Friday and to some people it’s like a huge sin. I respect the different religions, practices, and ideas but i think there has to be a reasonability.

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