Christmas Eve

It’s beginning to feel like the new tradition for Christmas Eve is being unable to go to church. Service is cancelled at St. Columba, Belleville and tomorrow morning’s service is cancelled at St. Andrew’s, Stirling.

This is not a complaint – too many stories of people getting stuck or in accidents. The good thing about matters of the Spirit: we don’t have to BE together to be TOGETHER.

In my family, we are blessed: Matthew took the train into Belleville before the storm began, I’ve been at Mom and Dad’s since late November when we shut down the farmhouse for the winter, we have power and heat, food and good wine. Really, we have too many blessings to count.

So I don’t mind that it’s another Christmas that is different than we would have liked. I’ve learned in the last few years to let go of what I’d imagined and to be thankful for what is.

And just like the Who’s down in Whoville, I know that Christmas comes anyway. The Saviour is born in us this night. And He will continue in us every time we love God by loving others. Let’s be together in seeking ways to do that, the whole year through.

Merry Christmas, everyone! May you be safe and comfortable. May you know the joy of Christ’s birth. May you be together in faith, even if you must spend time alone this year. May the God who is with us, tend to your heart and soul.

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