Singin’ Christmas Day!

It’s Christmas! I’ve been joyfully spending time with family, taking a glorious nap in the afternoon, and devouring Turkey dinner.

Out family scaled back on gifts, and it was still an absolutely wonderful time. Plus, the four of us were together. And safe. And sound.

We missed chosen-family who couldn’t risk the roads, but chatted with them over FaceTime. And they were safe. And sound.

We really couldn’t ask for anything more.

So in the spirit of this blessed day, let me share a couple of songs to bring cheer to your heart

I mean, who doesn’t love the Muppets doing Beethoven?!

This Hillsong selection always makes me happy:

This super-fun mash-up from Straight No Chaser (stick with it, it’s worth it!):

This Christmas, may you know the joy of the baby born in Bethlehem.

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